Independent Furniture Inspections

We carry out impartial, independent furniture inspections to assist in resolving disputes.

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What Is The Purpose of Independent Furniture Inspections?

If you have purchased furniture that does not meet with your satisfaction due to damage or a manufacturing fault, and you cannot come to an agreed resolution with the retailer/manufacturer, or have had an accident resulting in damage to your furniture, you may decide to pursue a claim.  You could be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund depending on the circumstances.  An Independent Inspection Report can be used towards evidence in these cases.

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How Can Andrew Marks Furniture Services Assist?

If a customer makes enquiries with us regarding furniture repair, when the piece in question is still under warranty, we would always advise them to pursue a claim with the manufacturer.  Similarly, if furniture is out of warranty, but is totally unfit for purpose (eg. a 2yr old sofa with excessively softened springs) we would advise customers to contact Trading Standards.

If you choose to pursue a claim with a retailer/manufacturer to resolve your dispute, you will need to commission an Independent Furniture Inspection.  Although initially commissioned by yourself, an inspector should always be impartial.  Here at Andrew Marks, we always report findings without prejudice as our reputation rests on our honesty and integrity. Reports will give the retailer, manufacturer or insurance company a detailed, accurate record of the issue in hand.  We cannot guarantee any outcome, as our job is merely to give our honest opinion.

Andrew has been formerly employed as a Furniture Ombudsman and is well known and respected in the furniture industry.  He has 20+ years of experience, evaluating warranty and insurance claims.  As part of this, he produces Independent Furniture Reports to explain his expert professional opinion as an ongoing service.

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Furniture Inspections

We will agree to execute an Independent Inspection Report on your behalf, if we believe you have a valid claim against your warranty/guarantee provider.  When coming to your home/holiday home/Air BnB or business, to carry out an Independent Inspection Report, we will ask questions, thoroughly inspect the furniture and take digital photos as evidence of our findings.  Please note that strictly truthful, accurate information will be reported on, as we refuse to compromise our excellent reputation.

When purchasing furniture, it must be fit for purpose and of acceptable quality.  If you have furniture delivered to your home, you should always carry out your own inspection, prior to signing any documents of acceptance.  Check frames and/or any legs to ensure they are in good condition and secured in place.  Check that everything is aligned properly – even if it has passed quality control, damage can occur after the item has left the factory.  Take a good look at the fabric to ensure all of the cushions etc., are the same shade of colour and have not sustained any tears or damage to seams etc.  This could avoid potentially costly disputes later on.

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Andrew Marks Furniture Services

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss commissioning us to carry out an Independent Inspection Report, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01822 258071.

Our services also include recliner chair and sofa & ‘rise and recline’ repairs & servicing, mobility bed repairs, leather upholstery repairs (incl. pet damage, staining, fading or cracking…), springs and webbing replacement, seat interiors for flat cushions and back interiors, wooden furniture repairs, professional upholstery & carpet cleaning and bespoke upholstery commissions.

Antony Jefferies
Recliner Repair

We ordered a recliner from a local shop. Unfortunately we had a problem with the motor and the company arranged for Andrew Marks to visit us. He was excellent and it was sorted within couple of days.

Peter Anderton
Leather Repair

On-time. Polite. Efficient back office and admin. All marks magically removed from our light grey leather chairs. Exactly what they “say on the tin” What more could one want in this day and age?

Susan Hume
Seat Interiors

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. Andrew and Archie reupholstered our leather sofa cushions last week. The results are better than we could have hoped. The job was done so professionally we would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Thanks for a great job, well done!

Wooden Furniture Repair

It was great! All went smoothly. Andy was clearly knowledgeable and gave us an expert assessment of our table. Thank you.

Karen Chapman
Bespoke Upholstery Commission

A superb job - my Grandma's old chair now looks lovely and is so comfortable. Very friendly service and I would recommend them highly.

Mr & Mrs B
Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

We were thrilled with the service, professionalism and knowledge from your technicians. They arrived when they said and were respectful and courteous. We would be more than happy to have you back and will recommend the company.

Heather Mullen
Springs & Webbing

Thank you Andrew and team for a highly professional and proficient service. You have transformed our sofa. I cannot recommend you highly enough.